Tuesday, 11 March 2014

How to curl your hair using a conical wand! Tresseme Conical Wand - Hair of the Day

Some of you may know that I don’t really do much to my hair very often and keep it very natural on an everyday basis. When I do occasionally curl my hair I love the end product but it takes so long considering I have such long hair. Yesterday I actually got my hair cut and ended up cutting around 4 inches off the bottom and also got some longer layers put in. Since my hair was a tiny bit shorter I decided to curl my hair today using my Tresemme Conical Wand which I bought from Tesco about a year or two ago.

This curling iron differs from the classic curling iron as it does not have the clamp on the barrel which is normally used to hold the hair while you roll the barrel around your hair. As this iron does not contain a clamp you do have to curl your hair in a different way compared to the normal curling irons.

When using a conical wand you will always want to hold the iron behind your head. So for example if you were doing the left side of hair first, you would hold your right arm behind your head holding the iron so it is facing the left portion of your hair and do the opposite when doing the right side. I always notice that I tend to actually rest my arm holding the curling iron on my head as I wrap the piece of hair around it so that it doesn’t move around too much.

When using a conical wand you will want to take a “1 thickness of hair and slowly and carefully wrap this around the barrel. Depending on what curl you are wanting you can do this many different ways. To get a ringlet type of curl you want to try and keep the piece of hair straight on the barrel so that it doesn’t spin, so each time you wrap it around you will need to twist the hair in order to keep it flat against the barrel without spinning the hair. To get a more natural type of curl you can just wrap the piece of hair around the barrel without trying to make the piece of hair flat. This will spin the piece of hair each time you curl it around the wand. These are a little hard to explain but with a little practice you will see what I mean. Today I decided to go with the natural style waves so I just twisted my hair around the barrel letting it spin my hair as I wrapped it.

Curling your hair is all about choices and finding which style best suits you so have fun experimenting with it! You can also curl all of the pieces away from your face which I find to be very flattering, or you can alternate with each curl. This means that you would curl the first piece by your head away from your face, and then do the next piece so it curls towards your face and repeat. This will give you more volume and insure that all of the curls do not stick together and form one massive curl.

Once you have wrapped your hair around the barrel you want to keep holding it for a few seconds. How many seconds really depends on the type of hair you have. If you have easy to curl hair or very thin hair I would recommend only holding it for 6-8 seconds, and if you have harder to curl hair leave it for 10-12 seconds. I personally use around 12 seconds for each piece of hair.

Once you have held the piece of hair the desired time then you will slowly let the piece of hair slide down the conical wand. If you would like your curls to really stay or you have really hard to curl hair I would suggest letting the hair fall into your hand and holding it for just a few seconds so it can cool down a little before you let it fully down.

Then you want to do this throughout your entire head and then your finished! Curling my hair using this conical wand took around 40 minutes, but keep in mind that I was taking pictures throughout the process and I do have very long hair. Once I was finished I took some Macadamia Healing Oil and sprayed a little in my hands and ran my fingers through the ends of my hair just to give a little shine. Now you can either leave the curls how they look now, or you can take a brush/wide tooth comb and slowly and gently brush through the lengths of your hair. This will separate the curls just a little and create more volume. Today I decided to keep it simple and not brush through my hair but leave it natural.

Some Helpful Tips:

1. Try to section off pieces of your hari to make it easier choosing sectionst o curl. I find that once I curl my sections and put it with the others they either fall in my face or get in the way so I keep a big claw clip to clip them out of the way while I work with the rest of my hair

2. If your hair is not curling properly or as tightly as you would like it to be, try using smaller sections. The smaller the section the tighter the curl.

3. Hold the curl in your hand after you have taken it off the conical wand. This will not only help the curl stay longer as you give it time to cool but will give you a more defined curl.

4. If you are curling your own hair, make sure to ask someone else if they can see any pieces you have missed or use a mirror to check the back. If you have very long hair like me it is very noticeable when a piece hasn’t been curled properly.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice! If you feel you aren’t getting the curl you would like or it is not going smoothly just keep practicing piece after price. You will eventually get the hang of it and it will turn out amazing when you do!


  1. Your hair is gorgeous long. I love it.
    xx, Jodi

    1. Thank you, I actually just had about 4 inches cut off yesterday so it feels really short and light at the moment haha!

  2. That was a really useful post. I've been looking at these and wondering if they would work on my hair. Your hair looks similar to mine, but longer.


    1. My hair is not very easy to curl, especially with the length of it they normally just fall out if I use a flat iron etc so I find that the conical wands keep the curl a lot longer than other methods!

  3. Hi shelby.

    First of all the necklace caught my eye urrg it's so cute. I really really loved this tutorial it was so well put and very helpful. Do you put anything on your hair? it looks so healthy. Mine is all messed up :( But yes, Great job and i look forward into seeing your posts more often (:

    - Gaby

    1. Thank you! You really do pay attention to details don't you! My boyfriend bought me that necklace years ago and I never take it off. I honestly don't do much to my hair at all, I normally let it fully air dry after my showers and around 98% of the time I keep my hair natural and don't use styling tools as my natural hair texture lays pretty well.

  4. I actually got one for Christmas and still have not used it but I will definitely be using one now. Thanks!