Monday, 10 February 2014

Subtle Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

So a few days ago I posted my Dramatic Valentine’s Day eyeshadow look, so today I decided to come up with a more subtle day look for Valentine’s Day. For the eyeshadow look I used my Sleek palettes in Original and Storm but you can obviously use similar colours that you have in your collection to recreate this look!

First I used the light pink shade marked number 1 in the palette and patted this all over my eyelid. I was really bad today and didn’t wear any base but you should use an eye primer if you would like this look to last all day. Make sure to focus this on your eyelid but you can blend this a little into the crease of your eye but not too far. I also blended this colour under my lash line but placing shadow under my lower lash line is just my personal preference so feel free to leave this out.

Next I used the light matte brown colour marked number 2 in the palette and placed this within the crease and blended it upward toward my eyebrow. You really should spend a lot of time on this step as this will be the finished look apart from the outer-v so make sure you blend, blend away so it creates a nice transition.
This next step is optional but I wanted to create a little definition in my outer v so I used the darker matte brown shade marked number 3 in the palette and patted this onto my outer v and just kept patting until it sort of transitioned into the brown colour. As I stated above this is a subtle day makeup tutorial so I didn’t want to create a too dramatic eyeshadow look so I kept this very subtle.

The final step to this makeup look was highlighting the inner corners of my eyelids. This step is also very optional so feel free to leave it out if you would like. I used the shade marked number 4 in the palette and only placed this along the edges of my eyes. Now normally I go for a much more dramatic highlight on the inner corner but today I kept it very plain and simple.

To finish up the look I decided to use black shadow as my eyeliner instead of pencil or liquid eyeliner. You may use whichever eyeliner method you prefer but today I felt like using powder. I would also like to mention that I am not the greatest at doing wings and normally mess up my eye looks because of it so here I did not do ‘winged’ eyeliner but because I know that is very popular feel free to rock it!

For mascara I used my Retro Glam Mascara by Rimmel after curling my eyelashes on my top and lower lashes. I also decided not to use any eyeliner in my waterline but some great ideas would be to use a white or cream eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger and wide awake (I do not own a white/cream eyeliner so I cannot do this), black eyeliner, or just keep is very natural like I did.

For the whole face here is my completed look. 

Products of what I used are:

L’Oreal True Match Foundation – Ivory
MUA Pressed Powder – Shade 1

MUA Blusher – Bubble Gum
Elf Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder – Luminance
MaxFactor Facefinity Compact Foundation – Sand (tiny bit for contour)

Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter – Sweet Tart
Maybelline ColorSensational Cream Gloss – Fabulous Pink


  1. Lovely look! Perfect for VDays! Subtle yet classy and elegant

  2. This looks so lovely! I got the Storm palette last week so I'll definitely be giving this look a go. Also, your hair is looking so pretty, how are you liking the colour now?

    Angels of Arcadia

    1. The storm palette is so great as it does contain 2 matte browns which is great for everyday looks and blending. I will say this I don't hate my hair but I don't love how it turned out exactly. I actually tried dying it purple again after the last failed attempt and it did absolutely nothing it still looks very dark and not very purple whatsoever. I do have to say though in the light it does almost give an almost red-purpley tint but nothing extreme and barely noticeable although my roots are particularly purple on the top. I am kind of missing my red hair at the moment but the brown looks nice also!

  3. lovely post..

  4. You have the most amazing skin! x

    Elissa |

  5. Very pretty! Love the Sleek palettes.